When Industry Bests Collide

The synergies between iLOOKABOUT and Apex Software make them the largest Software and Service providers (by footprint) for the Real Estate Appraisal, Tax Assessment, Insurance, Municipal, Utility and Emergency First Response industries throughout North America.


iLOOKABOUT was founded in 2000 with a passion for the visualization of data. We saw the great potential and possibility in the business application of visual data; where the real and the online world’s converge.

2002 Introduced our proprietary Virtual Tour software, which is now a mainstay in Real Estate Marketing.
2005 Introduced StreetScape, our proprietary geo-coded image product that helps any commercial enterprise explore, map and manage their world with visual data.
2009 Introduced GeoViewPort™, desktop review software that enables imagery in lieu of physical inspection.
2014 GeoViewPort™ functionality was expanded to include project management and workflow management modules for the property assessment market.
2015 iLOOKABOUT purchased and successfully integrated Real Property Tax Analytics software with the existing GeoViewPort™ platform. This integration yields a detailed property comparison and valuation engine.
2020 iLOOKABOUT aquired Apex Software whose similar cultures allow them to offer more complete solutions to their combined and respective markets.
Apex Software

Apex Software was founded in 1987 by an appraiser who set out hoping to make a car payment with his in-house land survey application.

1991 ApexSketch™ was born and was highly regarded as the Industry Standard amongst Residential Fee Appraisers across the United States.
1999 Apex releases its first version of ApexSketch™ designed specifically for the Tax Assessment industry.
2008 Apex Software launched Professional Services that offer an array of options that target data-inaccuracies.  Assessors throughout the country who have leveraged our Sketch Verification service have experienced a substantial ROI on their investment bringing them closer to their goal to achieve Fair & Equitable for the citizens they serve.
2012 Apex crossed the 2000 mark for counties using Apex Sketching products.
2020 Sketch Verification Services was used for over 7 million properties.
2021 ApexSketch eclipses its third decade as the Industry Standard for the Residential Fee Appraiser, Tax Assessor and Emergency First Response markets.