Professional Services

We’ve expanded our Professional Services to provide everything from Sketch Creation & Modification to Sketch Verification & Analysis processes. We’ve recently launched new File Promotion services to aid in your transition to newer Apex Sketching Products and help “clean up” or maintain your legacy data. Even if you don’t use our software or you have a special project that is not listed, we offer additional custom services as well!

The data used in this video was as of August 2020.  Some of the figures used are likely to have changed.

Sketch Verification

We’ll validate your sketches based on your current imagery and deliver a georeferenced building layer where each building is scored according to its variance of what actually exists on each parcel!

We’ve processed millions of sketches for hundreds of counties/jurisdictions and have discovered that on average, 43% of the sketch data does not match what’s currently on the ground.

Can you afford to be right only half of the time?

Data Conversion

Legacy to SHP

Apex offers conversion services for customers migrating historical sketch data to Apex software.

Apex to Image or SHP

Apex delivers clear and accurate sketch image copies to your downstream users as easily consumable, non-editable files, providing you with peace of mind and the capability for safe public presentation.

ApexSketch File Promotion

Promote Apex Sketch files to the latest format to ensure compatibility when transitioning to newer versions within the Apex product family.

Sketch Analysis

Apex can run fact-finding tools against your Apex sketches to identify problem areas. We can provide you with the analysis to work the problems yourself or develop a plan to fix them for you.

Sketch Creation & Modification

For improved parcels with no sketch data or sketches that need to be modified, Apex will use your imagery to create and/or modify sketches in Apex Software or another CAMA/Sketch system!

Paper to Digital

Let Apex convert your hand drawn PRCs into fully editable Apex and non-Apex sketches! We provide a cost and time effective solution.