ApexSketch v7 – Help Documentation

This is a great place to get answers to many of your “how to” questions.  The support documentation has been categorized to make it easier to find what you’re looking for!

Don’t forget to check out our video library for additional “How To” and Tips & Tricks!

General Reference

These documents are designed to get you acquainted with the new tools and their associated shortcuts so you’re not wasting time hunting for common commands or functionality.

User Interface

The different components that make up the ApexSketch User Interface.

Shortcut Keys

We highly suggest printing the Shortcut Key reference page for quick reference!

Draw First Workflow

ApexSketch v7 introduces a new approach to creating floor plans that breaks away from the more rigid process of defining and drawing a single area at a time.  This, “Draw Anywhere, Anytime” approach may seem a little unorthodox at first – but the vast majority of users who have switched drawing paradigms never look back due to the speed and time savings!

Draw First

Introduction to a more Modern way of Drawing Areas.

Reopen Area

This reference details reopening areas while in the Draw First setting. 

Auto Subtract

Step-by-step “how to” subtract an area while in the Draw First setting.

Define First Workflow

Although the modern drawing methods can save you time, we understand “muscle memory”, so with keeping things familiar – ApexSketch v7 brings forward the Legacy Drawing Methods that allow users to draw area as they have for the last 3+ decades.

Define First

Define your Areas first and then draw them accordingly.

Reopen Area

Learn how to reopen Areas while in the Define First setting. 

Auto Subtract

Step-by-step “how to” subtract an area while in the Define First setting.

Other Help Topics

When it comes to editing, no other sketches does it better than Apex!

Drawing Angles

Draw Angles using Rise & Run or our special “Turn” feature!  

Drawing Curves

Curves may be difficult to measure, but they are easy to draw in Apex!

Clone Area

When you need identical or similar Areas, Clone Area is the way to go.

Text Library

Annotate your sketches with Text Labels and other Call Outs. 

Deleting Areas

Remove Areas from your Sketch that you no longer need.


Change the Area Properties of your Defined Areas.


Trace over blueprints, imagery and more!