Desktop Review

Comprehensive Visual Intelligence

  • Utilize workflow to consume auto-assigned work for any project for desktop review, closure or escalation.

  • Comprehensive, synchronized visual resources to inspect, measure, compare or edit your property data quickly and efficiently.

  • Perform more tasks at the desktop to generate cost savings, efficiencies and provide a greener environment.

More Benefits

  • Brings all relevant visual property data into one convenient spot allowing users to make informed decisions.
  • Can be accessed by the team anywhere internet is available.
  • Simultaneous access to street-level imagery, oblique imagery, property sketches, parcel data, and aerial imagery.
  • Easily access additional properties or interest with a click of a button.
  • Use AvX Photometrics to perform Sketch Verification maintenance and instantly see updates in GIS.

Management Module

Workflow Management

Transform How You Work

  • Create projects, automatically assign work and seamlessly manage remote teams for a streamline process.

  • Review project status, monitor progress or get more info via a comprehensive dashboard for informed site visits.

  • Management oversight will improve operational efficiencies and help manage workload.

More Benefits

  • Assessment Project Management Module (“APMM”) client’s workload can be managed more easily and efficiently.
  • Plan, distribute, analyze, review, and forecast appraisal cycles by providing tools that enable the distribution of work amongst the team.
  • Review results, monitor accuracy and track progress.
  • Dashboard instantly provides status updates, progress and projections for completion dates.
  • Data can be exported for further analysis and reporting.


Street Level Imagery

Authoritative Visual Data for Decision Support

  • Powerful Visual Intelligence for desktop insights, decision support and reduced field visits.

  • Auto-extract the best photo for use within CAMA or online resources.

  • Utilize the resource across your organization, parent agencies or key stakeholders.

More Benefits

  • StreetScape’s mobile camera system captures images every fifteen feet to ensure coverage is accurate.
  • State of the art collection software.
  • Images provide the detail required for tax assessment purposes.
  • Dynamic generation of imagery through web services.
  • Use GVP to facilitate the use of imagery and CAMA data to simplify the client’s desktop review of properties.

Mobile Appraiser

Mobile Appraisal

Streamlined editing and

field data collection suite

  • Eliminate printing property record cards, duplicate mark ups and rekeying data entry.

  • Utilize full editing capabilities, add codes and pass the results to CAMA.

  • Automatically receive work, operate off or online, get directions and more.

More Benefits

  • Improves efficiency, quality, and savings for jurisdiction’s workflow.
  • Helps staff prioritize their day’s work and delivers all statistical data.
  • Simultaneously access street-level and oblique imagery, property sketches, parcel data, and aerial imagery.
  • Ability to tag new georeferenced imagery.
  • Platform agnostic and accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Ability to work offline with when internet is inaccessible.
  • Summary of changes are passed back to GVP prior to updating CAMA.


Floor Plans & Area Calculation

Industry Standard for all your sketching needs

  • Effortlessly create accurate, professional floor plan sketches, utilize blueprints and geo-reference over imagery.

  • Unrivaled accuracy and area calculation with seamless integration with CAMA and GIS.

  • Quickly compare sketches with GIS data or imagery to verify and manage change.

More Benefits

  • Photometrics Module allows you to trace over existing imagery to scale ingesting instant georeference data.
  • Embedded in GVP for direct integration with the Building Outline Layer
  • Survey Module allows users to quickly draw and validate their legal descriptions.
  • Supports, Keyboard, Mouse, Touch, Active Pen, Apple Pencil and Bluetooth input.
  • Industry Standard CAMA integration.
  • Browser-based making AvX both OS and Device agnostic.